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Learn About the Photovoltaic Option for the MFP-3D Infinity AFM

Simplest, most capable atomic force microscopy solution for photovoltaics research

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The base of the atomic force microscope opens to allow access to the bottom illumination optics for photovoltaic and photoconductive research

The Asylum Research Photovoltaic (PV) option for the MFP-3D Infinity AFM enables high resolution electrical characterization with simultaneous customizable bottom-side sample illumination. The PV option gives investigators a turnkey, flexible, and cost-effective solution that can be used with a multitude of electrical characterization techniques,and environmental control options found exclusively on the MFP-3D Infinity AFM.

Photoconductive sample imaged on the Infinity AFM. The sample was illuminated in the middle of the scan, resulting in an increased photocurrent response

Exquisite control, flexibility and operation right out of the box

  • Open modular optical design, based on standard components, allows filters, polarizers and apertures to be added or switched easily.
  • Design avoids extraneous glass and associated light loss found in with systems built around inverted light microscopes.
  • Standard LED-based illuminator is fiber-coupled to the base. Software control allows exquisite intensity control in 1% increments to >1 sun.
  • Easily accommodates other external light sources (e.g., solar simulators, Hg/Xe lamps) using commercially-available adapter plates to enable the use of a variety of light guides.
  • Adjustable focus from illuminator facilitates a range of sample thicknesses.
  • Compatible with a variety of MFP-3D Infinity AFM environmental accessories including a fully closed cell to image in ultra-low water/oxygen environments

All the benefits of the MFP-3D Infinity

  • The MFP-3D Infinity's extremely low noise platform provides a robust foundation with easy operation in any lab setting
  • Asylum's full suite of electrical and mechanical characterization techniques are usable in conjunction with the PV option
  • The PV option is compatible with a wide range of MFP-3D Infinity and environmental control options in gas or liquid that enable complete isolation from the atmosphere including:
    - Closed Fluid Cell for imaging in ultra-low water/oxygen environments
    - BioHeater
    - Humidity Sensing Cell

Image above: CdSe on Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). The image shows current on 3D topography acquired with conductive AFM at +1 V bias. The PV Option was used to irradiate the sample at an intensity 0.9 W/cm2 while scanning the middle of the scan area, inducing the measured photocurrent. Scan size 2 µm.