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Photovoltaic Illumination Option

The Asylum Research Photovoltaic (PV) option for the MFP-3D Infinity AFM enables high resolution electrical characterization with simultaneous customizable bottom-side sample illumination. The PV option gives investigators a turnkey, flexible, and cost-effective solution that can be used with a multitude of electrical characterization techniques and environmental control accessories found exclusively on the MFP-3D Infinity AFM.

  • Open modular optical design, based on standard Thorlabs components, allows filters, polarizers, and apertures to be added or switched easily

  • Design avoids extraneous glass and associated light loss found in systems built around inverted light microscopes

  • Standard LED-based illuminator is fiber-coupled to the base. Software control allows exquisite intensity control in 1% increments to >1 sun

  • Easily accommodates other external light sources (e.g., solar simulators, Hg/Xe lamps) using commercially-available adapter plates to enable the use of a variety of light guides

  • Adjustable focus ensures optimal illumination across a wide range of sample

  • Compatible with many Infinity AFM environmental accessories, including a fully closed cell to image in ultra-low water/oxygen environments

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