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Development of Custom AFM Instrumentation

Dr. David Ginger is a Professor at the University of Washington who has used his Asylum Research atomic force microscope to develop new techniques to probe photovoltaic materials

Atomic force microscopy is still a vibrant field of technology development, both at Asylum Research and in many academic laboratories around the world. Twenty years ago, the default choice for a researcher who wanted to develop a new AFM mode or accessory would be to start from the ground up and build an entirely custom AFM. Today, a better choice is often to start with a commercial AFM, and there is no better choice than an Asylum Research AFM. Asylum Research AFMs provide good access to analog and digital control lines and unmatched access to directly modify the AFM control software. Many of the same tools that we use ourselves for development are directly available to our users too. Maybe that explains why Asylum Research and our customers lead the field in AFM innovation!

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