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Support and Service Agreements

World-Class Support for Your Asylum Research AFM

Oxford Instruments offers comprehensive support and service agreements to help you achieve the very best results from your Asylum Research Atomic Force Microscope. Much more than just an extended warranty, these packages provide peace of mind that your AFM is operating at peak performance and offer training opportunities for both new and advanced users.

Free Technical Support

Immediate help is available 24/7 online where our automated troubleshooting wizard can help with common issues. Your local service team is also available weekdays by email or phone for technical support and basic applications advice.

Predictable Cost of Ownership

Asylum AFMs include comprehensive one year warranties. After that, a support and service agreement will provide peace of mind and predictable repair costs.

Ensure the Peak Performance of Your AFM

Annual system certification will make you more confident in your results. A field service engineer will evaluate your AFM, suggest maintenance, and certify that your system is fully calibrated and performing within its target specifications.

Learn from Asylum AFM Experts

Work together with an Asylum application scientist using online screen sharing. Simply schedule a session, whether it’s learning a new technique, consulting on your experiment, or help with data analysis. This service is ideal for topics that exceed the scope of our complimentary support.

Choose the Best Support and Service Agreement for You

Ensure predictable cost of ownership, top performance, and best results

Signature Agreement Premier Agreement
Technical Support
24/7 online troubleshooting wizard
24/7 online probe selection guide
24/7 online customer message forum
Weekday support by email and phone
✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Most repairs can be made in our regional offices for fastest turnaround time. Complex repairs may require return to our factory.
No charge repairs
Target repair time <5 days
30% rate discount
Target repair time <5 days
No charge repairs
Target repair time <3 days
System Certification
We will evaluate your AFM, recommend repairs or maintenance, and prepare a report certifying the calibration and performance specifications.
Charged at standard rates ✔️
Advanced Applications Consulting
One-on-one advanced consultation by phone or video conference with one of our applications scientists on the topic of your choice.
Charged at standard rates ✔️
(4 hours)
(8 hours)
Training course for new users (dates vary) Charged at standard rates 30% discount No charge (one seat)
System Upgrades
Free upgrades to Igor-based software (not including new paid features and upgrades to the Igor Pro software itself)
✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Minor updates to Ergo software (within the same version already purchased) ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Major version upgrades to Ergo software (includes the base package and any optional packages that have been purchased separately) Charged at list price per package 30% discount No charge
Computer upgrade discount for customers who purchase three consecutive years of a support and service agreement after the initial warranty period. Charged at list price 30% discount No charge

Notes: See brochure for more details and terms and conditions.


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