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WEBINAR: How to Choose the Right AFM Probes for Your Application, February 2023

 How to Choose the Right AFM Probes for Your Application

February 15, 8 AM and again at 6 PM, PST

With all the AFM probes available today, how do you choose the right one?

Benefit from the experience of our AFM Applications Team to learn how to choose the best AFM probe for your application.

Even for an experienced AFM user, choosing the right probe can be daunting. Using an inappropriate probe can prove disastrous, from hours of unproductive work, to sample contamination or damage.

In this webinar Dr. Ted Limpoco will take a fresh look at probe basics, discuss key parameters, and give several examples of application and parametric probe selection strategies. He will also share best practices for probe handling and storage, and introduce some online tools. We will finish the webinar with a Q&A session where participants are invited to ask their probe-related questions.

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