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WEBINAR: The Vero Interferometric AFM - Improvements in Accuracy and Precision . Sessions on January 17/18, 2024.

The Vero Interferometric AFM: 

Improvements in Accuracy and Precision

Session 1: Jan. 17 at 8am PT | Jan. 17 at 11am ET | Jan. 17 at 4pm UK

Session 2: Jan. 17 at 6pm PT | Jan 18 at 10am China

Vero is the next-generation AFM from Oxford Instruments Asylum Research. Building on its flagship Cypher AFM platform, Vero is the first commercial AFM to use a patented Quadrature Phase Differential Interferometry (QPDI) detector to provide unprecedented performance without compromise in terms of accuracy, range, and noise. Interferometric atomic force microscopes (AFM) mark the next step in the evolution of AFM design, with improvements in both accuracy and precision. We will discuss how Vero’s QPDI detector provides inherent immunity to common artifacts and sources of measurement error for improved accuracy. In addition, we will discuss the QPDI detector’s improvement in noise for improved measurement precision.

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