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Probing Nanoscale Structure & Properties of Polymers: Advances in Atomic Force Microscopy

Inscrivez-Vous au Webinaire Français | 28 Janvier 2020

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Today’s characterization tools must provide information at scales down to micro- or even nanometer dimensions. This expert webinar will explore how atomic force microscopes (AFMs) are uniquely positioned to do this job.

Join application scientists Dr. Ted Limpoco and Dr. Jonathan Moffat as they examine how AFMs can reveal polymer structures down to the crystal lamellae, examine morphologies such as nanopores and nanofibers, and evaluate the dispersion of fillers and the phase separation of components in composites and blends.

In this webinar, you will discover cutting-edge engineering to create high-level polymer products. Plus, learn how to:

Inscrivez-Vous au Webinaire Fran├žais | 28 Janvier 2020 View in English On Demand

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