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Pricing for Asylum Research AFMs and Accessories

"How much does an atomic force microscope (AFM) cost?"

Are you thinking about adding a new AFM to your lab, but you're not sure how much budget it will require? The answer depends strongly on the capabilities that your research requires. Buying an AFM is a major investment and securing the budget can be challenging. Asylum Research offers the following recommendations:

1. Investigate your AFM options before you apply for funding and then budget accordingly

Contact us before you apply for funding to discuss the most appropriate configuration for your research. Asylum offers several different AFMs and many different accessories. This flexibility allows us to help you configure the best AFM system for almost any field of research and any budget. You risk having limited options later if you budget based on rough “ballpark” estimates. Comparing specifications online is no substitute for a real in-person demo to see the instrument in action, so don't hesitate to contact us before you are funded.

2. Know that Asylum AFMs are available for a wide range of budgets, including low-cost AFM models. Don’t settle for less!

Research budgets are tighter than ever. In response to this reality, Asylum offers AFMs that provide an affordable research advantage with lower-cost pricing on our Origin, Origin+, and Cypher S atomic force microscopes. Our goal is to provide you with all of the advantages of performance, versatility, and world-class customer support that only come with an Asylum Research AFM.

  • MFP-3D Origin supports a wide range of imaging modes and is a great choice for many routine and advanced tasks. It's the best place to start with AFM at a price point where other AFMs often lag with lackluster performance and highly limited feature sets.
  • MFP-3D Origin+ features the same core performance as the Origin but adds support for the complete range of MFP-3D imaging modes and accessories. No other AFM in this same lower price range comes close to matching its capabilities.
  • Cypher S - The Cypher AFM family features our highest resolution, fast scanning AFMs. This base model is now priced the lowest its ever been and can be upgraded later with environmental control or even video-rate imaging.

3. Consider another approach—make your proposal stand out by featuring capabilities unique to Asylum’s flagship AFMs.

Too often we hear stories of funding that was denied because a 10+ year old AFM is sitting unused in the applicant’s department. Make a more compelling proposal by highlighting new, exciting features that are only available on Asylum’s flagship AFMs.

  • Jupiter XR – Jupiter is the first and only large-sample AFM to offer both high-speed imaging and extended range in a single scanner. Jupiter provides complete 200 mm sample access and delivers higher resolution, faster results, a simpler user experience, and the versatility to excel in both academic research and industrial R&D laboratories.
  • Cypher ES – This is the ultimate AFM for highest resolution, fast scanning, and fully integrated environmental control. Older AFMs can struggle in even one of these areas, but the Cypher ES brings it all together and makes it remarkably easy to achieve remarkable results.
  • Cypher VRS 1250 – The first and only full-featured video-rate AFM enables scanning at up to 1250 lines per second. No other AFM in the world offers video-rate scanning on a platform that also supports all the same modes and accessories as the Cypher ES, and is easy to use.

Be sure to tell us a little bit about your application so that one of our AFM experts from within your region can help you choose the right AFM system and accessories. 

Need a budgetary quotation? We can help you with that. Please include your deadline in the form's message box.

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