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Cypher L AFM

The Cypher L is the lowest cost member of the Cypher AFM family, setting new expectations for performance and ease-of-use for AFMs in its price range. New Ergo software provides the core capabilities commonly used in research fields including 2D materials, polymer science, thin film deposition and etch processing, and quantum technology. As part of the award-winning Cypher product family, the Cypher L is readily upgraded to the Cypher S, ES, or VRS1250, allowing you to invest in a quality AFM platform now and add new capabilities as you need them.

  • Higher resolution imaging than other AFMs in its price range

  • Ergo software helps you get the information you need quickly and easily

  • Priced in reach of typical startup funds, research grants, and R&D budgets

  • Future-proof your research with a fully upgradeable AFM

  • Compact AFM fits in limited lab space

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    Cypher L Brochure
    Cypher Family Brochure

    See more with higher resolution imaging

    • Easily obtain molecular and atomic resolution on samples including 2D materials and polymers
    • Routinely see details unobtainable on most other AFMs in this price range

    Get the information you need quickly and easily

    • Asylum’s new Ergo software platform is designed with a streamlined workflow for quick, simple setup and intuitive image acquisition
    • Exclusive AutoPilot™ algorithms automatically optimize scan parameters for high quality images
    • Easily analyze and export images for presentation and publication directly from Ergo

    Expand your research while saving lab space and budget

    • Compact size fits easily in existing labs without special facility requirements
    • Priced within reach of typical lab startup funds, many research grants, and most industrial R&D budgets

    Future-proof your research by investing in a fully upgradable AFM

    • Cypher L is fully upgradable, allowing you to add new capabilities as you need them
    • Can be upgraded to the more powerful Cypher SCypher ES, and Cypher VRS1250 models to enable advanced characterization modes, environmental control accessories, and even video-rate imaging speeds

    Included Core Operating Modes

    • Tapping mode (AC mode) with phase
    • Contact mode with lateral force mode (LFM)

    Optional Operating Modes

    • Conductive AFM (CAFM)
    • Tapping mode in liquid droplet
    • Kelvin probe force microscopy

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