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Why buy from Asylum Research probe stores?

Olympus cantilever AC160 TESP
Nanoworld cantilever Arrow UHF
Olympus AFM probes visible apex
scale of atomic force microscopy probe relative to a pin head

Get the best AFM probes.

Asylum Research carries the highest quality AFM probes from leading probe manufacturers. Buy atomic force microscope tips from top brands including:

    • Olympus
    • Adama Innovations
    • NuNano
    • Rocky Mountain Nanotechnology
    • Kelvin Nanotechnology
    • Asylum Research Probes

Need help? You've got it!

Asylum Research's scientists are experts in atomic force microscopy. We are here to help you choose the right probe for your experiment and help you get the best results:

    • Phone support
    • Email support with response in <24 hours
    • Customer forum to share questions
    • Free samples to try out probes

All types of probes, for every application and scanning mode.

Asylum Research offers probes for virtually all measurement modes and commercial AFMs:

    • Tapping mode and contact mode
    • Nanoelectrical modes (CAFM, nanoTDDB, EFM, KPFM, SCM, and STM)
    • Magnetic force microscopy (MFM)
    • Force measurements
    • Nanomechanical mapping modes (fast force mapping, AM-FM, and contact resonance)
    • Nanotribology (LFM and FFM)
    • All other modes for bio and materials science imaging
    • AFM tip materials and coatings (i.e. silicon, SiN, Al, Ir, gold, and diamond)

Ordering probes is fast, easy and reliable.

Buying probes from Asylum Research probe stores could not be easier or more reliable:

    • Widest selection for all commercial models of AFMs
    • Easy ordering and fast delivery, at a fair price
    • Generate your own online quote
    • Flexible payment methods 
    • In-stock availability status for all products
    • Custom shipping options, even on your own account
    • #1 in customer service and technical support

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