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Asylum Research Cypher Family of AFMs

Our ultra-high-performance AFM family offers unmatched imaging resolution, incredible ease of use, exceptional environmental control, and scan speeds all the way to video rate

  • Cypher L - A cost-effective, fully upgradeable Cypher AFM that consistently outperforms other AFMs in its price range
  • Cypher S - Cypher model with ultra-high resolution, fast scanning, and a full range of modes
  • Cypher ES - All the performance and features of the Cypher S, plus a wide range of exceptional environmental control accessories
  • Cypher ES Polymer Edition - The ultimate AFM for polymer science, a Cypher ES pre-configured with everything for polymers
  • Cypher VRS - The first and only fully-featured video-rate AFM, incredible speed along with the features of a Cypher ES