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AM-FM Viscoelastic Mapping of amyloid fibrils

AM-FM Mode images of dissipation (left) and elastic modulus (right) for mouse prion amyloid fibrils on a polystyrene (PS) substrate with a (LDPE) low-density polyethylene domain. Values for Young?s modulus in the image and histogram (far right) were obtained by referencing to the PS-LDPE substrate. The dissipative signal shows greater contrast between the fibrils and the substrate than the elastic modulus. Imaged with the Cypher S, 3 ?m scan size. For more information see G. Lamour, K.C. Yip, H. Li, and J. Gsponer, ACS Nano 8, 3851 (2014).

Date: 16th November 17

Last Updated: July 12, 2018, 11:13 am

Author: Asylum Research

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