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EP within ICP material

Second mode amplitude images of identical ethylene-propylene (EP) domain within impact copolymer (ICP) material tracked as a function of different sequential stresses exerted by the NanoRack. Sample in neutral position shown in (a). Experiment start time was marked at time of initial pull of 1.1% in length of total dogbone length. Image of ICP at 1.1% elongation length shown in (b) 3.5 hours after start of experiment. ICP image at 1.7% elongation length shown in (c) 7 hours after start of experiment. Image of ICP at 1.7% elongation length after sample in (c) equilibrated overnight for a total of 26 hours after start of experiment shown in (d). Imaged with the MFP-3D AFM, 3 and 4 µm scan sizes.

Date: 16th November 17

Last Updated: February 20, 2019, 5:23 pm

Author: Asylum Research

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