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Characterizing Ferroelectric Response in Hafnium Oxide Thin Films

Hafnium oxide (HfO2) can already be found in semiconductor devices as a high-k dielectric material. More recent developments have allowed it to be deposited as a ferroelectric thin film, which is a promising material for a new generation of devices that exploit a ferroelectric-silicon junction. However, characterizing its extremely weak piezoelectric response presents a challenge for conventional piezoelectric response microscopy (PFM).

Download this new application note, “Characterizing Ferroelectric Response in Si-Doped Hafnium Oxide Thin Films,” to learn:

  • About the special deposition conditions that yield ferroelectric HfO2 thin films
  • How Asylum’s unique Dual AC Resonance Tracking (DART) technology improves the sensitivity of PFM measurements while eliminating a common measurement artifact
  • How PFM can characterize the piezoelectric response (amplitude and domain orientation) with nanometer-scale resolution in ferroelectric HfO2 thin films
Download the Application Note