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Energizing Battery Research with Atomic Force Microscopy

Improved battery technology is essential to support next-generation electronic devices, reliable and affordable electric vehicles, and to allow time-shifting of renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Common themes in battery R&D are to increase energy and power density and to decrease cost.

Important insights can be gained from analysis at the nanoscale, but many common techniques struggle to do so, especially under conditions where the battery is operating. Here, Asylum Research atomic force microscopes (AFMs) are uniquely well suited because of their ultra-high resolution, exceptional environmental control capabilities, and versatile electrochemical cell accessories.

Download the white paper to learn how Asylum AFMs are being used for:

  • Ex situ analysis of battery materials: imaging isolated battery materials and components
  • In situ battery measurements: analysis in chemically relevant conditions for battery operation
  • Operando battery research: nanoscale visualization of functional battery architectures
Download the Application Note
PDF preview of Energizing Battery Research with Atomic Force Microscopy