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Learn How AFM Helps to Understand Nanoscale Corrosion Mechanisms

Corrosion costs the global economy some $2.5 trillion annually. See how AFM helps reveal the nanoscale mechanisms that underlie this colossal problem.

Learn about powerful electrochemical AFM (EC-AFM) capabilities:

  • Mimic real-world conditions in a fully enclosed, inertly-constructed EC cell
  • Readily interface the potentiostat of your choice to the three-electrode cell
  • Study reactions at a controlled bias or measure cyclic voltammograms
  • Easily image with ultra-high resolution using blueDrive photothermal excitation

These capabilities are illustrated with two examples:

  • Corrosion of a copper surface at constant bias is observed to increase in rate over time, reflecting the increased surface area of the nanoscale pits formed on it
  • Galvanic corrosion at the interface between a stainless steel plate and a brass fastener in observed in seawater clearly show the nanoscale corrosion
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