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Learn How AFM Adds New Layers of Understanding for Thin Film R&D

Already a ubiquitous tool for thin film R&D, modern AFMs go beyond roughness by providing insights into mechanical, electrical and functional properties 

Learn about techniques to characterize:

  • High resoloution morphology and roughness
  • Solvent and thermal effects
  • Electrical, electromechanical and magnetic response
  • Mechanical properties (storage and loss moduli)
  • Nanoscale friction (tribology)

See actual examples on materials including:

  • Strain in ferroelectric thin films formed by MOCVD
  • Plasma treatment of polmer thin films for improved coating adhesion
  • Ultra-flat strontium vanadate (SVO) grown by pulsed electron deposition
  • Temperature-dependent in epitaxial BiFeO3 (BFO) multiferroic film
  • Solvent annealing of a polymer thin film
  • Roughness of zinc film grown by electrodeposition
  • Magnetic properties of a ferromagnetic FePt film grown by pulsed laser deposition (PLD)
  • Frictional modification of a surface with layered polymer brush-gel films
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