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Learn how the Interferometric Displacement Sensor (IDS) Option for Asylum Research Cypher AFMs "Quantifies the Last Axis"

Quantitative, calibration-free deflection measurements eliminate key artifacts and improve reproducibility of PFM and dynamic measurement modes

Improved measurement reproducibility for electromechanical response in piezo- and ferro- electric materials

  • Electromechanical measurements are free of frequency-dependent artifacts
  • Correctly measures 180° phase shift across oppositely polarized domains

Accurate Spring Constant Calibration

  • Accurately measures the spring constant of any eigenmode up to 2.5 MHz.
  • Does not require any assumptions or measurements of cantilever mode shapes because the IDS sensitivity requires no calibration

Cantilever Mode Shape Mapping

  • Allows direct measurement of cantilever modes shapes in any medium
  • Unlike modeling, mode mapping with the IDS does not require any assumptions about the cantilever shape and properties
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