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Ergo: The Future of AFM Control

Ergo is the all-new software interface for Asylum Research AFMs. A streamlined workflow enables quick setup and simple acquisition of consistent high-quality images.

Auto AFM Calibration in Seconds

Ergo’s workflow guides you from loading a new probe to aligning the laser with a few clicks.  In the background, Asylum’s proprietary GetReal technology automatically calibrates the cantilever each time to help ensure the most consistent results from day-to-day.


Rapid Generation of High-Quality Images That You Can Trust

The most common routine AFM measurement is the acquisition of topographical images in air. Ergo has embedded Asylum’s proprietary AUTOPILOT™ algorithm, which automatically calculates the optimal imaging settings and starts producing high quality data from the first scan line.


Ergo AFM software polymer blend image
Polymer blend
AFM is a powerful tool for visualizing the microstrucuture of polymers.
Ergo AFM software PTFE molecular resolution
PTFE membrane
Ergo easily achieves high resolution using AUTOPILOT, here resolving the individual PTFE molecule chains.
Ergo AFM software PMR disk drive media
PMR disk drive media
Roughness and defects are key quality control metrics on disk drive media that affect data storage density.
Ergo AFM software silicon wafer grains
Silicon wafer
Substrate roughness is one of the most common AFM measurements. Ergo makes it simple and repeatable.

Minimal Training Required

Ergo shares a common core and workflow concept with the Oxford Instruments AZtec software for SEM and TEM analyzers. This tried and tested platform allows users to focus on results and not on the equipment. Lab managers report that new users quickly become more productive and require less ongoing support. Ergo is ideal for shared imaging facilities and research laboratories.


Advanced Mode Operation

Ergo works in concert with Asylum’s IGOR Pro-based software that is supplied with every system. Expert users have the ability to operate the complete range of advanced modes and exercise the full customization capabilities of the AFM. Together, Ergo and Igor provide users with unmatched flexibility to achieve all of their research goals.



Are You Ready for Ergo?