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Petri Dish Heater and Petri Dish Holder

The Petri Dish Heater for MFP-3D AFMs enables heating temperature-sensitive biological samples, specifically living cells, at physiologically-relevant temperatures ranging from ambient to 45°C. The kit includes an assortment of Petri dishes, a membrane that minimizes evaporation, and a magnetic clamp to secure the dish to the sample plate (compatible with all MFP-3D AFMs except Origin). The Petri Dish Holder is a basic, non-heating version (compatible with all MFP-3D AFMs).

  • Ideal for researchers who prefer to image cells in culture dishes with minimal handling of their samples
  • Accepts a variety of glass-bottom and polystyrene dishes as well as typical 1” x 3” glass slides
  • Heating option is optimized for sensitive cell experiments that require near-native conditions

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