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Five Upgrades to Get More from your Asylum Research Cypher AFM

Capture previously inaccessible dynamic events with a Cypher VRS video-rate AFM upgrade

Be one of the first laboratories with access to video-rate AFM imaging. The Cypher VRS captures images about 10× faster than other “fast scanning” AFMs. Directly observe nanoscale dynamic processes like biomolecular assembly and reactions with imaging rates >12 frames/second.

Cypher-VRS AFM

Make tapping mode more simple, stable, and quantitative with a blueDrive upgrade

Asylum’s exclusive blueDrive technology makes tapping mode easier to use by simplifying setup and making imaging more stable in both gas and liquid environments. Nanomechanical techniques including AM‑FM Viscoelastic Mapping Mode and Contact Resonance mode are also enabled and made more quantitative by using blueDrive.

blueDrive representation

Extend nanomechanical measurement
capabilities with Fast Force Mapping

Fast Force Mapping is the latest addition to Asylum’s nanomechanical imaging modes. Every single data point is captured with both low-noise deflection and precisely calibrated Z-sensor data for fully quantitative force-distance curves. Powerful offline analysis tools allow the sample modulus be to extracted using a variety of contact mechanics models.

Fast Force Mapping AFM Image

Add easy to use environmental controls
with a Cypher ES upgrade

No other AFM makes operating under controlled temperatures (from 0-250°C) and under controlled gas or liquid environments so easy. Environmental control for your Cypher ES will enable you to expand your research into new areas, whether you are working with polymers, 2D materials, or other advanced materials.

Cypher ES AFM

Experience simpler, more repeatable
imaging with an Ergo software upgrade

Ergo is the all-new software interface for Asylum Research atomic force microscopes, which improves productivity for both infrequent users and experts. With a streamlined workflow for quick AFM setup and simplified acquisition of high-quality images, Ergo users will more quickly and confidently complete their measurements.

Ergo Software Interface

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