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Visualizing Nanoscale Dynamics with the Cypher VRS1250 Video-Rate AFM


The Cypher VRS1250 is a new, even faster video-rate atomic force microscope boasting rates up to 45 frames/second. It promises to unlock new research directions in applications including biomolecules and biomembranes, self-assembly and crystallization, polymer science, as wells as the etch and dissolution processes. This webinar will describe the capabilities of the Cypher VRS1250 video-rate AFM, and how those can be applied across diverse research fields.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What distinguishes video-rate AFM from conventional and fast-scanning AFMs
  • Research fields where video-rate AFM is currently being used
  • What are the capabilities of the Cypher VSR1250 video-rate AFM
  • Challenges in high-speed AFM and new developments that make it simpler
  • How the Cypher VRS1250 can improve your access to research funding

About Your Speaker

Dr. Ben Ohler - Senior Product Line Manager, Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Inc. 

Sophia Hohlbauch - Senior Biological Applications Scientist, Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Inc.

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