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Asylum Research Webinar: Fast, Quantitative AFM Nanomechanical Imaging 



This presentation will begin with a survey of the mechanical properties that can be investigated with the wide array of both old and new nanoscale property mapping techniques available to materials scientists. We will then introduce two new techniques for nanomechanical studies that allow unambiguous interpretation of material properties: AM-FM and Loss Tangent Imaging. Amplitude-modulated (AM) atomic force microscopy, also known as tapping mode, is a proven, reliable and gentle imaging method with wide spread applications. Previously, the contrast in tapping mode has been difficult to quantify. The new AM-FM imaging technique combines the features and benefits of normal tapping mode with the quantitative, high sensitivity of Frequency Modulation (FM) mode. Loss Tangent imaging is another recently introduced quantitative technique that recasts the interpretation of phase imaging into one term that includes both the dissipated and stored energy of the tip sample interaction. These techniques allow high speed, low force imaging in tapping mode while providing quantitative elasticity and loss tangent images.

About Your Lecturer

Dr. Roger Proksch is president and co-founder of Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments company. He has over 20 years of AFM experience. He has co-authored many papers and is a co-inventor on numerous AFM patents. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota.

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