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Automated Multi-Site Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Imaging with Ergo Software

Automation of AFM experiments and batch analysis of images leads to higher productivity, through greater ease-of-use, and reduces operator errors.

Ergo is the new advanced software platform on Jupiter XR AFM. It enables automation and streamlines workflows to help users quickly set up experiments and consistently acquire high-quality AFM images.

Together with Autopilot’sTM advanced ease-of-use algorithms, Ergo optimizes AFM settings for high-resolution images from the very first scan. This application note guides you through an automation experiment on Jupiter XR AFM.

Download the application note to learn:

  • How batch analysis of multiple AFM files improves productivity and reduces analysis errors
  • How Jupiter XR AFM together with Ergo software automation can help streamline your AFM work
  • How Ergo software paired with the Autopilot algorithm can simplify AFM setup and yield better results
Download the Application Note
PDF preview of Automated Multi-Site AFM Imaging with Ergo

Real-Time Walkthrough of Ergo Software's Automated Multi-Site Imaging Mode