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blueDrive™ Photothermal Excitation Improves AFM Tapping Mode

Photothermal cantilever excitation for tapping mode atomic force microscopy (AFM) has seen greater adoption in recent years as more AFM manufacturers recognize the limitations of piezoacoustic cantilever excitation and researchers see the benefits that photothermal excitation can provide. This new application note focuses on examples that demonstrate the key benefits of blueDrive photothermal excitation such as simplifying operation, enabling stable operation that is gentle on tips and samples, and improving the quantitative results of nanomechanical AFM measurements.

Download the application note to learn:

  • About blueDrive photothermal excitation on Asylum Research Cypher AFM's and Jupiter XR AFM.
  • How blueDrive improves the cantilever tapping mode response for both imaging in air and liquids
  • How blueDrive enables ultra-high resolution imaging, even on delicate samples like biomolecules
  • Why blueDrive is especially useful in AFM measurements that use fast scanning or video-rate scanning
  • How blueDrive makes AM-FM viscoelastic mapping mode simpler and more quantitative
    Download the Application Note
    PDF Preview of blueDrive for Tapping Mode AFM application note