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Bottom-Up Nanofabrication of 2D and Low-D Materials – AFM Applications

Bottom-up nanofabrication aims to create new materials and devices with tailored structure and functions by precise control of matter down to molecular or atomic levels. Such approaches are considered essential to support the continued miniaturization of electronics and data storage devices. 2D and low-D materials are promising materials to use as building blocks because of their unique properties. This application note describes how next-generation atomic force microscopes like the Asylum Research Cypher AFM are providing crucial characterization capabilities in this emerging field.

Download the application note to learn:

  • Why the dimensions of 2D materials demand higher performance and higher resolution AFM’s
  • How Cypher AFM’s can characterize nanofabrication processes even in liquid-phase reactions
  • How Cypher AFM’s enable critical environmental control, including temperature control and the ability to operate under dry, inert atmospheres
  • How Cypher AFM’s can measure nanoscale electrical and functional properties
Download the Application Note
PDF Preview of Bottom-Up Nanofabrication application note