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Large Sample AFM with the Jupiter XR

Few atomic force microscopes (AFMs) are equipped to offer high-speed imaging on large samples (e.g. those up to 200 mm diameter). Capturing images in about a minute instead of five or even ten minutes is a tremendous boost to productivity, but most fast scanning AFMs sacrifice scan range for scan speed. Therefore, the inspectable area for a given image may only be ~30 micrometers (μm) instead of ~100 μm.

Asylum Research recently developed the Jupiter XR – the world’s first and only large-sample AFM to offer both high-speed imaging and a large 100 μm inspectable scan range – to address the growing demand for high-throughput industrial metrology measurements with sub-micrometer resolution.

Jupiter XR Large Sample AFM

Setting the Jupiter XR apart from other large-sample AFMs is a fully-addressable high-speed stage that can quickly reach any point on samples with diameters up to 200 mm. It features an extended-range scanner that is as much as 20x faster than other large-sample AFMs and features an imaging range of up to 100 μm laterally and 12 μm vertically. Images can routinely be captured in under a minute, and a fully-motorized laser and detector setup make for a simple user experience. These features make the Jupiter XR scanner the most productive and versatile large-sample AFM available.

Of course, it is also important that results are consistent to guarantee user confidence. The Jupiter XR is designed to have the low noise and stability of small-sample AFMs. Its measurement noise floor is only 25 pm; the lowest of any large-sample AFM. Ultra-low-noise sensors on the XY and Z scanners never need calibration, ensuring that your metrology measurements are accurate. Asylum’s exclusive blueDrive Tapping Mode greatly improves imaging stability, which leads to longer probe tip lifetimes and more consistent results.

The Jupiter XR is also modular in design, enabling the simple integration of upgrades to meet future challenges in large-sample AFM for both academic and industrial research and development applications. It has already proven valuable for materials testing and process development and monitoring, in applications including thin films and coatings, polymers, and semiconductors.

Large Sample AFM with Asylum Research

Asylum Research has led the industry in AFM instrumentation innovation for over 20 years, offering unique solutions for a board range of markets. We developed the Jupiter XR directly in response to customer demand for a large-sample AFM that retained the characteristic precision and reliability of our MFP-3D and Cypher systems. With an extended range scanner, fast scanning, and low-noise performance, the Jupiter XR provides the most trustworthy metrology results for a large-sample AFM.

If you would like to learn more about the Jupiter XR or performing large-sample AFM with Asylum Research products, please do not hesitate to contactus directly.

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