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Learn How AFM Determines Ionic Liquid EDL Structure

Ionic liquid electrolytes are promising materials for high-density energy storage, but their properties at the electrical double layer (EDL) is poorly understood.

Topics include:

  • The advantages and challenges associated with ionic liquid electrolytes
  • Ultra-high resolution AFM imaging resolves the ordered structure at the EDL, comparable to results previously only attainable using UHV scanning tunneling microscopy (STM)
  • AFM imaging has the added advantage of being in the native state (liquid-solid interface between the ionic liquid and HOPG) instead of frozen for UHV-STM.
  • Contact mode AFM force curves also detect ionic liquid ordering at the EDL
  • Photothermal excitation (blueDrive) enables even more sensitive detection of ionic liquid ordering using AC-mode (tapping) force curves
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