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Ergo KPFM Software

Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy is used to image a sample’s electrical potential. It is a surface-probing technique that provides information on the surface potential and work function.

Ergo KPFM software automates both the setup and scan settings. What has traditionally been a more complicated mode to run is now as easy to use as Tapping mode.

Ergo KFPM implements single pass Heterodyne KPFM for the highest resolution and most accurate relative quantitative measurements.

Ergo KPFM features:

  • Automatic KPFM setup and scan parameters with AutoPilot™.
  • Seamlessly switch between Heterodyne, Sideband, and Amplitude Modulated KPFM modes. All techniques are single pass.
  • No 3rd party hardware required.

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