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Asylum Research Cypher ES environment atomic force microscope (AFM)

Jupiter XR Large-Sample AFM Videos

Here are just a few videos highlighting features and performance of the new Jupiter XR large-sample AFM.

Download the Jupiter XR Brochure SpotOn make laser alignment quick and easy > Jupiter XR features a fully-addressable 210 mm stage > Jupiter XR makes highly repeatable roughness measurements >

SpotOnfeature enables point-and-click alignment of the laser and detector

The Jupiter XR features a fully-addressable stage that can reach any point on samples up to 200 mm in diameter
Jupiter XR makes roughness measurements highly repeatable. Here roughness of a disk media substrate was measured 1000 times over 15 hours. The Rq roughness remains stable and repeatable within 1% over the entire period. This stability is made possible by Asylum's exclusive blueDrive Tapping Mode.